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Message From the Library Board of Trustees

UPDATE 8/17/23:

The Library Board of Trustees (LBOT) will not be pursuing a warrant article in 2024 for the previously proposed expansion of the public library. The project has been removed from the town’s Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Matrix. It does, however, remain notated on the form for possible consideration at a later date.

The results of last year’s election were clear, and the short-term plan will be to focus our efforts on the renovations and repairs that are required immediately to maintain the building’s safety and to provide accessibility.

The Goffstown Public Library will continue to offer the award-winning service that our town has come to expect and enjoy. The LBOT will continue its dedication and service to the town and will continue to advocate for our public library.

We’re proud of the beautiful and historic building that has been the Goffstown Public Library’s home since 1909. Our beautiful and very old building needs some renovation and repair so that the library can continue to operate in a safe and accessible manner for its staff and visitors. The LBOT is seeking the town’s support in accomplishing these goals. The LBOT meets on the first and third Wednesday evenings of the month; all meetings are public. Dates are included at

Further communication should be addressed to the Library Board of Trustees at